Passionate about fruit, freshness and quality, Serramonte was established in 1998 with a single vision: “to provide the world with superior natural fruit concentrate, making it part of every household grocery list, ensuring customers of uncompromising, world-class quality at a reasonable price.”

Located in Metro Manila, Serramonte manufactures non-alcoholic fruit beverages, avoiding the use of all preservatives, extenders, enzymes, artificial flavoring and coloring. It is focused on the more discriminating health-conscious market.

Equipped with modern technology, Serramonte prides itself in continuously developing its expertise through the years, strictly observing

the most stringent quality-control standards set by the Philippine Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD).

Now in the process of widening their product-line by developing other fresh-fruit beverages, Serramonte continues to be passionately committed to its mission of “offering the world only the very best.”

Pick & Squeeze's Fresh from the Factory

"At the Factory" are some of the daily activities with an emphasis
of freshness, quality and healthy productions



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